In order of students to be successful in science a key element is science vocabulary. Not only do students need to learn concepts but they also need to fully understand the academic language of science. 

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Hot Spot Vocabulary - Miss Almy
These decks go over some of the most difficult terms for our 5th graders! 

Scientific Process

Scientific Process without Pictures
The student uses scientific inquiry methods during laboratory and outdoor investigations using tools, materials and equipment. 

Matter and Energy
Matter and Energy without Pictures

The student know that matter has measurable physical properties and those properties determine how matter is classified, changed and used. 

Force, Motion and Energy
Force, Motion and Energy without Pictures
 The student knows that energy occurs in many forms and can be observed in cycles, patterns, and systems. 

Earth Science
Earth Science without Pictures 
 The student knows that Earth's surface is constantly changing and consists of useful resources.

Sun, Earth and Moon Interactions
Sun, Earth and Moon Interactions without Pictures
The student knows that there are recognizable patterns in the natural world among the Sun, Earth and Moon system. 

Organisms and Environments 
Organisms and Environments without Pictures 
 The student knows that there are relationships, systems, and cycles within environments. The student also knows that organisms undergo similar life processes and have structure that help them survive within their environments.