Digital Equity 4 All

Digital Equity 4 All
Posted on 09/05/2019
Digital Equity 4 AllLearning with 1:1 Digital Devices
Chromebooks in Education Grades 4 & 5

Enables students to learn in real world, 21st century environments.
Allows students to learn, create, share and collaborate, anywhere, at any time.
Opens up a new world of resources for students, providing much more knowledge than any one teacher or school library could offer. 

Devices at Home
Fourth grade devices will remain in the classroom. Fifth grade devices can be taken home after the first six weeks nightly to complete homework.
While they can connect to your home wifi, they are still filtered by the CISD internet filtering system.
Ask your children to tell you how they are using their Chromebooks on a daily basis. Ask to see their work on the computer.
Enforce strict time limits and keep device in a family common area for effective monitoring.

No Internet? No Problem!
Check out our #digitalequity4all website for eligibility in your area.